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As a trader, what's important for me is to find potential opportunities for a good return. So, it does not really matter if you make money with Forex, Stocks or Commodities. As long as you are profitable and you are building your Capital, that is all what financial trading is about.

Before we get to it, please note that this is only a short preview from my complete detailed report.

Let's get started with a good understanding of "Money".

There is a lot of it being printed today, the only way to keep up with inflation and hyperinflation is to print more money. Trouble with printing more money is that it quickly erodes it's real value of the currency as the prices of goods increase. Then there is the National Debt in the U.S. which is increasing at a rapid rate!


It is important to understand that a decline in the U.S. economy will inevitably involve a drop in U.S. imports. Thus, a routine U.S. recession will lead to a small global decline, reversing gains in stabilization made in recent years.

We are living in an over pumped economy but we can tackle this with safe investment decisions today. The way forward is to invest and buy under valued goods in anticipation of Future gains and capital growth.

Is there any such thing as a "Safe Currency" in the world today?

The Swiss franc use to be one of the best-known safe-haven currencies. A stable nation with a strong banking system made the Swiss franc a safe currency for decades.

The Swiss franc has historically been considered a safe-haven currency with virtually zero inflation and a legal requirement that a minimum of 40% be backed by gold reserves. However, this link to gold, which dates from the 1920s, was terminated on 1 May 2000 following a referendum.

Notice the date, it was the year 2000 which was 18 years ago.

Let's take a look at what happened to the price of Gold from the year 2000 against the US Dollar.

Gold is worth $1205 per ounce as I write this report compared to $272 back in the year 2000, and this is after sustaining the last two recessions. Each U.S. dollar exchanged for an ounce of this precious metal back in the year 2000 is worth over four times today!

Here's the price chart of Gold vs the US Dollar with the last two recession periods marked:

Gold has stood the test of time during the financial crisis.

Is there any paper currency stronger than Gold today?

Food for thought: Money is printed, Gold is mined.

There are costs associated to mining Gold which is paid in paper currency.

Let's take a look at the inflation rate:

U.S. Inflation Rate, $1 in 2000 to 2018

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics consumer price index, prices in 2018 are 46.34% higher than prices in 2000. The dollar experienced an average inflation rate of 2.95% per year during this period.

In other words, $1 in 2000 is equivalent in purchasing power to $1.46 in 2018, a difference of $0.46 over the last 18 years. The 2000 inflation rate was 3.36%. The current inflation rate (2017 to 2018) is now 2.95%.

If this number holds, $1 today will be equivalent to $1.03 next year 2019.

There is a reason why the United States holds the largest stockpile of gold reserves in the world by a considerable margin. In fact, the U.S. government has almost as many reserves as the next three largest countries combined. Rounding out the top five are Germany, Italy, France and China.


Is this the best time to invest in Gold with your paper money which is losing value over time?

Let's apply Technical Analysis to a Gold price chart against the US Dollar.

The price of Gold has bounced after a strong decline and started a rally at the beginning of 2016. It has now broken through the downtrend channel and re-testing the more recent lows at present.


We are nearing the end of the month, notice the wick displaying buyer's strength? 

Will it hold and continue on the uptrend from here or will it retest at $1035?

Gold is on my watch list and and I am likely to be building further positions on this as it starts to rally up!

Hint: Watch the lower trend lines and price rejection for an entry on Gold.

In my detailed report I have discussed my chosen 6 highly profitable trading opportunities that I have been waiting for over 10 years in the commodities market.

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