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I hope you are as excited as I am sharing this information with you. It is my aim to get this wealth of knowledge to my subscribers, so we can all be prepared and make the best out of the latest financial opportunity of our lifetime available to us today.

This is probably going to be the best investment decision you have ever made to secure your financial future. I say "probably" because I know that not everyone will take action on this, however as long as you are aware of these opportunities and you have time on your side, you can always decide to get in on the action when you feel more comfortable.

Before we get to it, let's understand Money.

There is a lot of it being printed today, the only way to keep up with inflation and hyperinflation is to print more money. Trouble with printing more money is that it quickly erodes it's real value of the currency as the prices of goods increase. Then there is the National Debt in the U.S. which is increasing at a rapid rate!


It is important to understand that a decline in the U.S. economy will inevitably involve a drop in U.S. imports. Thus, a routine U.S. recession will lead to a small global decline, reversing gains in stabilization made in recent years.

We are living in an over pumped economy but we can tackle this with safe investment decisions today. The way forward is to invest and buy under valued goods in anticipation of Future gains and capital growth.

Is there any such thing as a "Safe Currency" in the world today?

The Swiss franc use to be one of the best-known safe-haven currencies. A stable nation with a strong banking system made the Swiss franc a safe currency for decades.

The Swiss franc has historically been considered a safe-haven currency with virtually zero inflation and a legal requirement that a minimum of 40% be backed by gold reserves. However, this link to gold, which dates from the 1920s, was terminated on 1 May 2000 following a referendum.

Notice the date, it was the year 2000 which was 18 years ago.

Let's take a look at what happened to the price of Gold from the year 2000 against the US Dollar.

Gold is worth $1205 per ounce as I write this report compared to $272 back in the year 2000, and this is after sustaining the last two recessions. Each U.S. dollar exchanged for an ounce of this precious metal back in the year 2000 is worth over four times today!

Here's the price chart of Gold vs the US Dollar with the last two recession periods marked:

Gold has stood the test of time during financial crisis.

Is there any paper currency stronger than Gold today?

Food for thought: Money is printed, Gold is mined.

There are costs associated to mining Gold which is paid in paper currency.

Let's take a look at the inflation rate:

U.S. Inflation Rate, $1 in 2000 to 2018

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics consumer price index, prices in 2018 are 46.34% higher than prices in 2000. The dollar experienced an average inflation rate of 2.95% per year during this period.

In other words, $1 in 2000 is equivalent in purchasing power to $1.49 in 2019, a difference of almost $0.50 for every dollar you owned over the last 18 years. In 2000 inflation rate was 3.36%. The inflation rate for (2017 to 2018) was 2.95%. If this number holds, $1 in 2019 will be equivalent to $1.03 next year 2020.

There is a reason why the United States holds the largest stockpile of gold reserves in the world by a considerable margin. In fact, the U.S. government has almost as many reserves as the next three largest countries combined. Rounding out the top five are Germany, Italy, France and China.


So, is this the best time to invest in Gold with your paper money which is losing value over time?

Let's apply Technical Analysis to a Gold price chart against the US Dollar.

The price of Gold has bounced after a strong decline and started a rally at the beginning of 2016. It has now broken through the downtrend channel and re-testing the more recent lows at present.


We are nearing the end of the month, notice the wick displaying buyer's strength? 

Will it hold and continue on the uptrend from here or will it retest at $1035?

Gold is on my watch list and and I am likely to be building further positions on this as it starts to rally up!


Are you excited about your financial future?

Hint: Watch the lower trend lines and price rejection for an entry on Gold.

Here's the price chart of Silver:

Silver has been very attractive to speculators with price approaching nearly $50 back in 2011, and more recently dropping in value and bouncing off a low at the trend line in the beginning of 2016.

Silver is also a precious metal and used in many bullion coins and silverware, it is also resistant to corrosion and oxidation. For these reasons Silver is highly valuable in industrial and electrical applications. Silver is also used to kill bacteria, algae and and helps purify, sanitize and filter water.

I believe Silver is a steal right now, so much that I am not only trading it but I am also buying Silver Bullion Bars and Coins. If you are looking to hold onto silver I will recommend buying and storing .999 Fine Silver Bars that you can later sell at Spot price. A strong US Dollar will buy you a lot of Silver today which makes this a great investment opportunity in this commodity metal to own.

If you live in the United Kingdom or anywhere else in Europe, I would recommend buying spread betting Futures contract which is a great way of investing in precious metals particularly Silver without having to

pay VAT and capital gains tax on the profits you generate.

Hint: Notice how price is getting squeezed and re-testing previous support.

Wait for a upper trend line break for a safe buy entry on Silver!

Do you like your Coffee?

Coffee retesting 2013 lows with price now trading at 96.80.

Notice how Coffee appears to climb faster than it drops, this is due to pest and disease in Coffee plants!

A stronger dollar and high levels of production in the coffee market has sent prices to the lowest levels in years. Prices have been suffering under the weight of trade issues, rising interest rates, and of course a strong dollar bringing the price of Coffee to a decade low.

Remember, Coffee beans tend to have a short shelf life. Over time, coffee beans lose their potency, taste, and the fragrant aroma that consumers demand. The present price of Coffee could begin to impact future production which could turn the current surplus into a deficit in the months and years ahead.

This can be a lucrative trade and definitely one to keep on your watch list as the price is likely to rise soon testing those previous highs at 162 level, 217 level and 300 very quickly!

Hint: I believe Coffee is at or near the bottom end of its market cycle which makes this an amazing opportunity to buy Coffee futures while prices are low! Look for a price rejection at the support level drawn and a break of the channel line for a good entry.


Give me some Sugar!

Sugar is the next interesting commodity on my watch list and here's why:

Price of Sugar is near a 10-Year low!

Sugar is very close to testing the trend lines going all the way back to 2002 and 2004. It is also re-testing $10 level which has been significant throughout the years as a strong support level for buyer's interest.

Sugar is primarily produced in Brazil, India and China as well as some countries of Europe. Around 75%

percent of global quantities of sugar are obtained from Sugar cane and Sugar beet. Sugar cane requires lots of rain and periods of heat in order to grow, for this reason it is cultivated in tropical areas.


Sugar beet however requires moderate temperatures through the year with evenly distributed quantities of rain, it is cultivated primarily in Russia and the Europe. Sugar beet is still a relatively young crop which has been used to produce sugar for around 200 years.


The sugar beet plant is dependent on seasonal cycles, the price for sugar obtained from sugar beet is subject to greater fluctuations compared to sugar cane. Notice beautiful price surges on the chart above.

Sugar cane is also used as an energy crop and used as fuel for cars instead of producing Sugar. It also accounts for more than 60 per cent of global ethanol output which makes Sugar a great future investment.

Is this a great time to buy Sugar? It's not Rocket Science..

Hint: Watch out for the price rejection at $10 and the all important levels of Support on my chart above.


Can you see how easy it is to obtain a 100%+ return on your trade investments.

The second largest crop grown is the U.S., it's Soybean!

Soybean is at the center of the US-China trade war with China being the biggest buyer of US Soybean.

Soybean price has been sky rocketing in the past exceeding 1600 twice back in 2008 and then again in 2012 almost approaching 1800 before a more recent drop to 840 level. Price chart shows a wick on the last month's candle in July displaying buyer's interest!

Notice, how the price has bounced twice before around 840 level.

As imports are restricted by China, Chinese buyers are now looking to get this Commodity from Brazil to make up for the shortfall. As a result, prices have fallen to near a decade low. Brazil however is selling it's reserves at a premium price according to industry watchers. At the same time Brazil and Argentina have started buying in bulk at cheap price from U.S. suppliers to make up for their own reserves and perhaps profit even more from China.

We know China needs Soybean, so is this a great time to buy?

Soybean recently broke through the downtrend channel and is presently re-testing the break at support.


Hint: Watch out for the break of the support again, if the price holds at this level it's a buying opportunity. Soyabean's Price is testing not one but two support levels at 840 right now, if it holds it goes up from here!

Next on my watch list is Wheat:

I have looked at Wheat from every angle, from a Technical Analysis point of view I am looking to buy it as close to the support level trend lines as I possibly can.


However, looking a the most recent price action it is visible that Wheat has broken through the down trend channel and eager to move higher. I believe what we are seeing is the final tip of the triangle with a highly possible breakout to follow in the coming months. Keep a close watch on this!

And finally, Natural Gas:

This is an interesting one and definitely worth looking into.

Natural Gas has been dropping in value for quite sometime now.

Prices dropped from $15 all the way down to $1.67.

From early 2016 this commodity has started to recover.


Natural Gas price chart has been trading in a channel during the last 9 years and more recently displaying strength trying to break above $3. This will likely exceed much higher especially once it pushes through $5.50 level, the top resistance line.

Can you go wrong buying Natural Gas now to make 100%, 200%, 300% or even 400% Potential Return ?!

Here's another chart on a weekly time frame with a closeup:

Hint: Is now a great time to buy Natural Gas or would you like to wait for a break of $3.15 for an entry?

You will be pleased to know that the commodities that I have chosen and shared with you are within the top 10 most traded in the entire world, with the exception of Soybean.


Here's a recap!



1. WTI Crude oil
A global demand in our rapidly increasing industrialising economies, there will always be a great demand for sources of energy and fuel.


2. Coffee  (✓)
With over 2.25 billion cups of coffee consumed worldwide on a daily basis, coffee is actually the second most traded commodity in the world, falling a little short behind crude oil — and one of the oldest as well.


3. Natural Gas  (✓)
A source of energy and fuel used for almost everything, it is no doubt one of the most highly traded commodities in the world, despite growing efforts to move towards renewable energy resources Natural Gas remains on top of the list.


4. Gold  (✓)
Gold has always been a valuable commodity throughout history, especially among investors with its steadily increasing value over recent years. No Paper money is more valuable than Gold itself.


5. Brent Crude oil  (✓)

Brent Crude is a major trading classification of sweet light crude oil that serves as a major benchmark price for purchases of oil worldwide. Brent is used to price two thirds of the world's internationally traded crude oil supplies. Brent oil is used most widely throughout Europe and Africa.

6. Silver  (✓)
Silver has historically been both a safe investment and a source of stability in portfolios. It has numerous uses including creation of high precision medical equipment and industrial applications.


7. Sugar  (✓)
Extracted from sugar cane and sugar beet, sugar is traded in just about every country in the world. It is estimated that by 2030, the annual consumption of sugar will exceed 257 million tons!


8. Corn
Considered as one of the most versatile agricultural crops, the advent of biofuels has also especially increased the demand for corn over the last decade.


9. Wheat  (✓)
Used in the production of numerous food products that include cereal, bread and flour, it is an essential source of food around the world that humans cannot live without!


10. Cotton  (✓)
Cotton was discovered and has been used for trading for thousands of years. Arab merchants brought cotton cloth to Europe about 800 A.D. When Columbus discovered America in 1492, he found cotton growing in the Bahama Islands. By 1500, cotton was known generally throughout the world. Most of our apparel is made out of cotton.

I have left Cotton for last because this market has already started shifting, however it's not too late to look for a buying opportunity. Back in 2011 Cotton Futures pushed through the 200 level.


Let's see where it's trading today.

Here's a Cotton Futures chart:

Cotton Futures prices peaked in 2011 followed by a drop to around 66 level, price then fell further to around 55 and now a shift in trend is visible with price trading at around 81.

Cotton is likely to be moving higher once it breaks out through the 100 level with a rush of investors and speculators joining in for a quick return!

Hint: If you are looking to trade Cotton I would recommend waiting for the price to approach the lower trend lines for a safe long position entry. Remember, any disease in the cotton plant can create an explosive move towards the upside as well.

Now, let's take a look at the one that got away!

Here's a chart for Brent Crude (UK) Oil:

Brent crude oil has been of great interest to investors and speculators due to it's highly volatile nature.


Prices peaking over $145 per barrel back in 2008 with a sudden drop during the recession all the way down to $36.20. Prices then shot up again forming a high of 128 then back down all the way to the support trend line at around $50, which failed to hold and price once again dropped to new lows forming a wick displayin great buyer's interest and closing just above $36.


This was indeed a great time to buy Brent crude oil at the Support level, the price has doubled since!

I hope you enjoyed reading my report, I have presented and shared with you my "Buy & Hold" trade opportunities in the Commodities market that you can avail today for a lucrative return on your investment.


Please remember to let me have your feedback.

Let's make 2020 an incredible year for trading!

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